Diaries and Thingymebobs

image.pngSo my younger sister Becky has purchased a diary. This is a big deal.

Anyone who knows Becky, knows she doesn’t own a diary, she uses her phone to put dates in and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with a pen.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a complete stationary freak. I’m that much of a stationary freak that my last two jobs at the hospital, my leaving presents were stationary (but luxury high end of course). You see my diaries (not being a snob) are of course Filofax, ( I had to get a second mortgage out for my most recent purchase) I own two at the moment, not that I use two, that would be too confusing. I’m on sick leave at the moment from my job 😪 So I’ve reverted back to my smaller more handbag friendly Filofax for the time being. That said, I am extremely organised. All the inset days are already tattooed in my diary, any school affairs, family Do’s, dentists,bills, it’s all in there.

So when all this cancer crap came along, it was pretty worrying. All of a sudden I have to rely on other people. Don’t get me wrong, these people I trust with my life, but it’s hard when I’m the one who has all the Shiz together usually. Everyone has offered help and I mean everyone. It’s quite overwhelming at times. So when my beautiful sister bought herself a diary, I smiled on the inside. She specifically came around mine to write down all the dates of everything. I even thought she was going to ask me when my next period was due (OK, OK, I know that’s going too far now)

So between us, she’s written down all the dates of the surgerys, hospital appointments, chemo, radiotherapy, you name it, it’s down. Huge relief. I have such a huge support network (I’m talking Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, in laws, friends, colleagues, neighbours, you name it) but my biggest backbone naturally is my husband, he can’t go a miss. He just can’t do the diary thing, I buy him one every year, the first week of January is usually filled in, then it’s blank the whole year. By July time my daughter has pinched it and is using it as a  classroom diary when she pretends to play schools (that was my favourite when I was a kid too!) she too, like me, dotes on stationary. Then there’s my little brother, he’s pretty organised ( I think) but I think he’s more of a gadget organised, I don’t think he owns a pen. Peter is the quickest responder I know when it comes to texting, which in my situation is great. I’m usually pretty quick at getting back to people, the only delay I have is if I’ve left my phone on silent and I don’t realise a text came through. I think the only time I’ve had a 30 minute delay with Pete is when he’s been flying, as soon as he’s landed he’s on it. Peters like a mini version of our dad, with my dad I know literally he will and can do anything. Peters so the same, it’s fab.

So talking of dates, I finally got my date through for my surgery, I had my pre op assessment yesterday and to be honest I was in and out. I have absolutely nothing wrong with me except this ugly cancer head that keeps appearing, so that was all good. My surgery is 12th Jan. I’m pretty nervous and excited at the same time. Don’t ask me why I’m excited. It’s not like a Christmas Eve going to bed excited, it’s a kind of a ‘can’t wait to get this shit out excited’. It still is quite daunting knowing that I am going to recognise (face wise) most of the people at the hospital on that day, they kind of look at you as if to say ‘I know you, but can’t quite place where from’ I mean after all (huh hum) I’m a natural blonde and so my eyelashes are very light, without my mascara and eyeliner on I kinda look like kermit the frog and that is where I think the confusion comes in of people trying to place the face AND the fact that I haven’t got uniform on. Blimey can you imagine when I’m rocking the Matt Lucas look post chemo? “Yeah I know!” Now that’s going to be challenging, especially as I’m nearly 6 foot tall 🙈.

Anyhow, I will keep you all updated after my surgery, the bummer is this is all on my right side, I’m right handed and so I will probably be tapping away on the iPad with just my left hand soon, I might even practice with my left hand for the rest of this post.

Thanks for reading

Much Love

Michelle x

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7 thoughts on “Diaries and Thingymebobs”

  1. Keep it coming mate. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone but love reading your blog.
    I had my cancer in me for 6 weeks post diagnosis and I too was excited to get it out of me. It’s an odd feeling.
    Keep smiling and stay strong. Love ya.x


    1. i wish you all the best, it’s the waiting once you get the diagnosis ……you just want it out……..been there I’m afraid. I love reading your blog and like my friend Gaynor English said I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but will be one of your supporters throughout this with you x


  2. I think of you when I think of matching stationary 🙂
    I know what you mean about being recognised, when you are in hospital you see everyone looking, but by then they’ve passed and they’re thinking, was that. ……
    Wishing you all the luck in the world for Tuesday, how long will you stay in hon. X


  3. You are so brave and you are loved by so many, just want you that we are all thinking of you and we are here anytime xxx Nikki, Darren and the girls xx


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