Love me do.



Love. It’s a beautiful thing. I have never felt so loved in all my life these past few weeks. I often read about people doing random acts of kindness and complete strangers donating thousands of pounds to small charities and I can really see why. I have always seen myself as a bit of a loner. Well a true introvert. My typical day would be going to work, doing the school run and then shutting the door behind me and visiting family and friends just at the weekend. My best friend of 16 years will tell you, I can literally see her twice a year and never would we bat an eyelid that our company wasn’t enough. So when I became ill (well I say ill, I’m not actually ill with like the flu or chronic breathing problems or anything) So when I had this viscous cancer grow on my tit I found out that people that I know, truly are the most wonderful people and I am absolutely privileged to be apart of their lives. Now this sounds really cheesy I know it does, I can hear you saying it in your heads as your reading this, but I just can’t believe how many friends, family, neighbours and colleagues  (who most I call friends) have rallied round me and made sure that I have had the best possible care I could ever ask for.

My recent hospital admission was obviously quite scary, I’ve never really had anything wrong with me before so being a patient was a big deal, being a patient in my own workplace is even a bigger deal.

The biggest deal though is being such a young mum to my children, my 9 year old daughter who typically is a moody, gobby, (always does the opposite to what you ask her) has become the most wonderful, caring little girl and her maturity has really shown everyone around us how wonderful she really is. This makes me sad. It makes me sad because I don’t want her to grow up before her time or feel she has any pressure to look after me. Luckily for us all by the time the autumn comes we will all be back to normal, but it makes me think about all those parents out there that have chronic debilitating illnesses and their children are their carers.

So this post is dedicated to my amazing daughter, in years to come I will be teaching her about the importance of checking her breasts and il be using this blog as evidence of how kind she was and what a beautiful nature she has.

Much love,

Mummy xx


5 thoughts on “Love me do.”

  1. This is one thing I worry about with Aisha. Will growing up with a parent with a chronic condition stress her or worry her. As with your girl, so far at least, the only difference seems to be that she is more understanding and caring to others who are feeling bad or are different in some way. I think this is something that most adults could do with a bit more understanding of.
    You should be very proud of her xx


  2. Hi Michelle

    You really are an inspiration to anyone who’s been or about to go through what your going through. it makes me proud to know that your the daughter of my sister.

    uncle Douglas xx



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