Love your body

(Picture taken from Google 2016)

For those that have been following my blog and journey since diagnosis would have caught on by now that I usually do all my blogging laying in bed, I usually describe the weather and what the day will bring and most of the time I ‘feel’ a blog post coming on.

This morning, yes I am laying in bed but not at home, I’m in hospital with an infection. The chemo army only know to well that this can be quite common, quite frankly it’s a pain in the butt, but I don’t want to dwell on the negatives.

The thing that spured me on this morning to blog about loving your body and I mean really loving your body, is a clip I see on Lorraine this morning. A lady with a young daughter had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and at one point was completely riddled with it, her thinking about death made her body start dying. She decided to love her body and take her cancer by the hand and walk with it. She has had treatment now and has just one small tumour in her lung, everywhere else is clear. Her motto is that she is not battling with cancer, she is not fighting the disease. Yes eventually she will die, but she doesn’t want to be branded with ‘lost her battle’. It’s not a fight. It’s merely cells that have mutated and all the other technical stuff. I truly believe your fate is destined and to fight your way along your journey and battle cancer will be truly exhausting!

I want people to embrace their bodies, regardless of diagnosis. Take cancer by the hand and walk with it. Yes it’s bloody scary, terrifying infact. Yes you will think about death probably 100 times a day. But don’t battle with it, accept it and try to learn from it.

My life has changed now forever, my husband and children’s lives have changed forever. But I am not going to let it change us for the worse. We are going to use this experience and embrace life, really live for the day.

My body has changed forever. Yes I will get reconstruction and my hair will grow back, but it will never be the same. Why would I want to dwell on that? Why make sad days even sadder? I will use these scars I have as a reminder of how strong I am and how proud I am of my family. I will never use the term battle scars as I don’t want to fight…..

Since diagnosis the air feels fresher, the grass seems greener, the sky bluer. I look at my children that extra minute longer when they are sleeping and smile that little bit more. My vision is more clearer.

My life before was tainted with things that didn’t really matter. Now it is injected with pure love and hope.

Love your bodies, it’s your shell to protect your souls.

Much love

Michelle xx

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