#2 Chemo


It’s been 122 days since diagnosed (officially) with the big C. I have to look at it that way so I can see how far I’ve already come. Having chemotherapy is like living in a time capsule each day. You can almost hear the clock ticking, each second hand slowly moves to the next point, every minute feels like an hour has passed and each day feels like a week of hell.

Chemotherapy, for me on the whole isn’t horrendous, I mean I imagined me to be laying in bed a quivering mess, vomiting through my nose, waxy skin, not being able to wash myself, eating food through a straw and generally not living. For me it is pretty rough, but a managed rough.

Im writing this blog on day 8 post chemo (FEC 100) number 2. I would say day 1-3 when your taking the steroids and anti sickness tablets you feel ok. I can stil function my normal activities and feel alright. I spoke about a feeling of jet lagg before, this is exactly it. You feel weary and a bit lagged, but nothing horrendous. Then day 4-7 I feel like shit. Not going to deny it, it’s more like an overwhelming tiredness, light headed, slightly nauseated, dizzy and basically not being able to function as you normally would. Having a demanding 5 year old boy and a 9 year old girl that just wants the best hairstyles each day can be tough. My husband John is at home caring for me and to be honest I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. He’s turned into the ultimate domestic goddess!

I kind of wish the minutes/hours/days away when I’m feeling like this. I get sick of seeing the same stuff in my bedroom day in day out. I’m sick of the daytime television that I used to love. Even drinking cold bottled water takes like thick gunge! I’m just sick of being sick!

well enough of all the negativity Michelle! Slapped wrists all round……

This is why I have kind of written this post over a few days, I knew I would feel much better in days to come and those days have come! It reflects chemo 1 when by day 8-9 I start to feel back to the old me. It’s now the weekend and I’m just about to prepare pulled pork for tonight and we have a family party tomorrow at my brothers, I’m really looking forward to that to celebrate my nephews birthdays.

Ive got a whole week next week and a few days the following to get back to normal, hubby and I are going to really go to town with our back garden, plant new plants, put our new garden furniture together and really enjoy the garden before the next dose.

Hope to blog about something other than chemo 3 in between!

Michelle xx