#3 Chemo

Sorry I’ve taken so long with the 3rd chemo update, I’ve kind of lost myself in my own garden. I’ve taken up gardening as a new hobby, it’s so therapeutic and seeing the little seedlings grow into beautiful plants makes my day. Yes I am probably talking like I am in my 60’s, I know, but maybe it’s because I’ve got some time on my hands – just like someone of retirement age does? Well I’m not 60, I had a birthday this chemo, I am 31 now. I kind of wished that I could of had my 31st birthday after all this interruption had passed, so I can write 30 off, but it’s not panned out that way. At least when I hit 32 it can be a fresh milestone.

So talking of birthdays, my birthday happened 2 days after chemo was given. Now usually I am fine for the first 3 or 4 days but this time round it hit me like a ton of bricks on day 1! Just my luck…… So I had family and friends dropping my pressies off either to my hubby or they would come up and say hello. Quite depressing really. But what goes down must come up right? (I know it’s the other way round 😂) I started feeling better by about day 5, but the weariness and fatigued lingered this time round, even now on day 16 I still don’t feel 100% right.

So this weekend is my ‘good’ weekend, we’ve planned a little trip to Weymouth bay with some family, I love doing things like this as it gives me a little something to look forward too. The kids are mega excited too…..

so amongst the midst of things, the end is in sight, I am over halfway through now. This chemo (number 4) will make me two thirds of the way through. I am slightly nervous about this one though as it’s totally different to my FEC. This is Docataxel. However I found FEC very hard to cope with, so hopefully this one is a breeze! Another thing to add, is I have my first radiotherapy appointment on Monday, it’s probably just a generalised chat with my new consultant, it’s a weird feeling as I am slightly excited about this! I think it’s because that grey cloud is finally starting to break and I can see a glimmer of sunshine finally starting to burn through. Roll on the end of August when I should be (touch wood) competed with both. I can then focus my energies on rebuilding myself and try and get back to normality.

Im off now to enjoy the sunshine,

much love

Michelle xx