#4 chemo

It’s only 5 days until I recieve chemo number 5! So I apologise for taking so long with the number 4 update.

So number 4 was a new chemo, it’s always been scheduled to be given on number 4,5 and 6 but it’s a totally different chemo to my previous ones. This one is called Docataxel. The side effects I was told was bone and joint pain, fatigue, hair loss and possibly loose stools. I can totally relate to the first two!!

My chemo is a Wednesday, I was given the treatment in the morning and was sick before I could even leave the hospital grounds, getting john to pull over in a busy stream of hospital traffic was not the best move – but it had to be done! When I got home I felt fine for the rest of the day and pretty much the next day. I never had the chemo ‘fog’ that I’ve had with previous chemos – my mind felt clear and well.

By Friday of that week the side effects started kicking in, I had horrendous pain in my hips and downwards, it was a deep bone pain and regular painkillers wouldn’t shift it, I then had bad pins and needles in my feet especially after a bath, which seemed to be worse at night time. This was unbearable. I had to start the GCSF injections 2 days earlier with this chemo too so the bone pain from them also added to the list! My tongue was so sore and my gums felt like they were going to break out in ulcers at anytime. I kept up a really good oral hygiene regime, cleaning my teeth three times a day, using difflam mouthwash 4 times a day and chlorhexadine mouthwash twice a day (this one leaves a funny reside in your mouth) For pain wise, I had regular paracetamol and ibuprofen and added in codeine when I needed it. I’ve been given Gabapentin for the nerve pain in my feet for next time, but will hold off on that for as long as possible as I HATE taking medications full stop.

So this chemo was pretty horrendous… I had a hospital admission too for an infection (mild, so lucky) I’m back on the chemo train next week, but counting my lucky stars that I have only two more to go!!

in the meantime I’ve met my radiotherapy consultant, he’s explained everything about the radiotherapy treatment. I’ve got my planning appointment the day before my last chemo!

for now I’m going to enjoy the rest of the half term, my little Freddie has had a bad virus since Monday so it’s been up and down with him all week to the GP. Hopefully he is on the mend soon!

Michelle x

P.S my hair is kind of growing back! I’ve got this weird peach fuzz all over my scalp. It may fall out again, but il keep you updated

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