#5 Chemo

Number 5! Whoa…… The end is in sight.

I remember before I even started chemotherapy, reading other people’s blogs having chemo and some of them documenting number 5 with just one more to go and thinking that will be me in the summer. Well here it is! I’ve actually done 5 chemos!!

So this one, pretty similar to the last, pain was not as bad as number 4, I just find with the docataxel that the side effects seem to last longer. I’m now day 10 and still feel really fatigued, where as on the FEC I felt right as rain by now. One side effect I’ve had with this one is nose bleeds. My platelets must be on the low side, luckily they’ve not lasted very long, so no intervention… Just annoying more than anything.

so number 6 is on its way. I’m not sure wether to crack the Moët open after chemo or after I’ve finished radiotherapy? My parents and aunties and uncles are away on my official last day of radio and really wanted them to raise a glass with me, oh sod it we will do both!

Well as you can probably tell I am very upbeat about the whole thing. I think chemo number 4 is the worst for feeling low, emotional and generally rubbish, number 5 is much much better I promise!

For now I’m going to be shopping thank you cards for everyone at the chemo unit, I may even put together a large fruit hamper for them as a little thank you for looking after me!

Chowe for now,


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