Someone like me

“please give a warm welcome to Jenny Yin, im sorry you have to be here Jenny but the girls will take great care of you” I click on her bold name, it takes me straight to her Facebook profile, yep, she’s about my age. Shit she’s got 3 kiddies too, looks like she’s single, happy profile pic though. A few hours later another notification pops up on my profile, “please welcome Sarah Husselfield, I’m sorry your eligible to be here, but the girls will take great care of you” I click on this ladies name too, she looks a bit older than me but not much, her profile is more private. I can’t see much else than her profile picture dressed in pink, doing some sort of muddy charity event. (names have been changed for confidentiality)

This happens 2 or 3 times a day, some days not at all, but this is admin of a secret Facebook group for ladies living with secondary and inoperable Breast cancer under the age of 45. Every time a new member joins it pops up in my notifications. It’s bloody scary, it really is. You look at their profile pics and think of their poor families, like mine, going through this ordeal. Then you realise, I was welcomed in this group in the same way. I am that poor person too. They are all someone like me.

So its happening. I cant quite turn off the notifications to the group when someone new posts as im a novice at the moment when it comes to secondary cancer, but equally my heart sinks when i see someone new joining the group. We have all got this connection, maybe its age? maybe its because some of us our mums to a young family? i dont know, but they just get it.

I originally started this blog to inspire other ladies going through breast cancer to show them that the journey isn’t all that grim. To be the mummy figure of future care and show people it will be alright. I was in two minds wether to even admit that i had secondary cancer on my blog as i didn’t want to scare people, worry them and make them feel that their journey may follow suit. Of course this isn’t the case, i know that now. I just wish we had a magic pill to make this all better, to show the world that this can be beaten. Hopefully in the future it can.

I dread to think that there is someone like me out there. But then again them ‘someone like me’s’ are my absolute support network, they just get it.

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