Secondary breast cancer treatment -Capecitabine

I thought the world of blogging for me #tagging my chemo journey in the spring and summer would be over.  I even organised a barbecue to celebrate with my family and friends about kicking cancers butt, but as you know that wasn’t to be.

Getting back on that ‘horse’ once I had already got off was very difficult. I felt terrible having chemotherapy intravenously in the summer, I felt like I was lost as a person and my role of a mother and wife was diminished. I put on a lot of weight, lost 10 days out of my life every 3 weeks and felt like an 80 year old women trying to carry on as normal. I was told it would take a good 12-18 months to get back to normal after this treatment, so I mentally circled that date in my mind of normality resuming in our lives.

So when I got told I needed more chemo, my world shattered. My hair has started to grow back quite nicely and although I’m still overweight I have lost that steroid look from my face, I was trying to get my fitness back together and so this news was a massive blow. I imagined going back into the hospital having another picc line inserted, ordering another wig and preparing my bedroom for a sick room again.

But, thankfully, the chemotherapy I am taking is called Capecitabine. They are tablets! Hooray! No more picc lines. Hair loss is unlikely! And side effects are much more minimal than IV chemo.

I take this chemo in 3 weekly cycles. I take 2.3grams twice a day for 2 weeks, then I have a weeks Break.

Touch wood, so far I have had no side effects at all. I’ve had a very bad cough mind you and started on antibiotics so some days I’ve felt wiped out that way, but other than that it’s been ok.

I believe you can have as many cycles as you need, some ladies have other chemo on the side too, but my plan is just the tabs at the moment.

Much love

Michelle  x